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about us

Welcome to KMPLS,

Kendama Minneapolis was created to grow the kendama community. It is our goal to spread this sport and its virtues to as many people as possible. We do this in two ways:

Community Outreach: Through partnerships with schools, community education departments, and local companies like Sweets Kendamas; we hope to recruit new players and foster the growth of current players.  We teach classes in many school districts, we host annual competitions like the Twin Cities Throwdown, we sponsor major international events like the Minnesota Kendama Open, and we work daily to find more effective opportunities for kendama exposure.

Paint Lab: By coming up with the most innovative, classic, or timeless designs we hope to catch eyes with flash and flare.  New players get hooked on kendama when they try our customs.  We have spent enumerated hours in our lab crafting and testing paint formulas for different styles of play.  The result of our work is an ultra durable, beautiful, and rewarding to play experience that will keep you shredding through any grind. 

Join the community. Spread the love. Slay all damas!






Custom Paint

We finish our tamas with two types of clear coats. The classic sticky Gloss Clear will grab your lunars and stand up to all the taps you can toss. Our new grippy Matte Clear holds on tight to every stall and catches kenflips with ease. Both paints are exceptionally durable and enhance play in unique ways. Available now on our Mythic Series.






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